Vintage Italian Mermaid Bottle Opener

vintage mermaid bottle opener, 24 cm, made in Italy

Captured on the New Westminster quay, this mermaid has seen some fun time. A variety of toasts in different languages were once printed in blue on the back and there’s a “made in Italy” stamp anchoring its heritage.

  • Captured in New Westminster, BC, Canada in 2006
  • Made in Italy in the 1950s
  • 24cm long
  • Material: aluminium or zinc



  1. I also have this item and ran across yours in Google images while trying to research mine. Mine does still have the toasts, 16 total, on the back if you would be interested I will email you a pic of the back to complete your post. I am curious to know if you know the resale price of this item? Mine was amongst some other items and being I do not collect mermaids I’d like to see her to a more appreciative home.

    1. Sorry about the late reply, Vickie, your email landed in spam for the longest time!
      It was a gift, so not sure of the price, wasn’t too expensive because of the condition.

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