Oh, what a lovely pair of baubles!

December Diamonds merman bauble

Jack Hammer bauble (18 cm)

Mermailed to us by Stella in the States: meet Jack Hammer (2007 #55-90345) and Lady Ebony (2009 #55-90710) – or at least their boxes. Because that’s where they’re staying, in their December Diamonds original packaging. Because it’s not Christmas today, and just because…

If you’re as curious as we were about the origin of this species, put on your shades and follow the Diamonds of the Sea bling link. You have been warned.

December Diamonds mermaid bauble

Lady Ebony bauble (18 cm)

Hand painted and glittered, these limited edition Jack Hammer and Lady Ebony baubles have since been discontinued and are no longer featured on the December Diamonds site.