Chocolate Mermaids

Straight from Hamburg’s shores comes the Christmas Mermaid, in all her North German Pracht, courtesy of Schokovida, the river Elbe and Inés.

  • Gifted from Hamburg, Germany in 2014
  • “Frohe Wiehnacht” chocolate bar
  • 85g

And Marianna brought back this delightful milk chocolate bar with pretzel and sea salt from New York.

According to the wrapper, Alcove hopes “…that after you have unwrapped this bar, you will sit quietly, relax, enjoy the beautifully crafted flavors, and take pause knowing that life can simply be about the joy you are experiencing in this very moment. Peace.”

  • Gifted from New York, USA in 2014
  • “Fleur de Pretzel” chocolate bar
  • 85g

An honorary mention goes to Vancouver’s own Mink Mermaid’s Choice which we ate before we could take a photo!

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