Merman God of the Sea

This is one lord of the waters you don’t want to mess with.

Poseidon merman figurine
Cold cast resin merman figurine (25 cm) with bronze powder finish

Meet Greek Poseidon, Leader of Nymphs, and brother to Zeus and Hades. Or Roman Neptune, brother to Jupiter and Pluto. Or maybe it’s a misnomer, as Poseidon wasn’t a merman at all. So this is more likely to be his son Triton, also known as Trumpeter of the Sea.

Whichever ancestry you prefer, don’t let the fact that he’s swapped his trident for a conch today lure you into thinking he’s harmless. This guy’s been known to shake things up when the mood takes him and calm or raise those waves.

This fine specimen caught our eye at Air and Fire in Boulder Creek.

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