There’s a mermaid perched amid the pebbles where a garden gnome might otherwise feel at home. The door knocker is a brass mermaid and on the opposite wall of the porch is a home-baked concrete cake in the shape of a mermaid. When the front door opens, Mai, our “life-sized” mermaid lamp greets unsuspecting visitors, who are either going to quickly lower their eyes or stare a while and ask, “What’s with all the mermaids?!”

Welcome to Villa Meerman and all who dwell in her.

Be Yourself unless of course you can be a Mermaid

Metal mermaid sign (41 cm)

Recently our neighbours surprised us with an addition to that first impression, because there was space on the wall right next to the front door for one more reminder. It’s a sign. We made the right move by getting neighbours who totally get us. Thank you, Sandi & Randy!